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We help people get their dream jobs and help companies find the best person for the job. Think of us like your Career Matchmaker. We are very friendly and approachable. We care about you getting the right job, so you can trust us to help you get there.

Become a candidate for a Career Fox job listing by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Apply directly to our jobs online or simply submit your resume if you don’t see anything that excites you.
  2. If we have a job that suits you; scream out loud and run around in circles (hopefully you are not at work) and then go through our process by answering our questionnaire and assessment electronically (you will be invited by our resourceful Recruiter over email).
  3. Interview with our amazing foxy recruiters to see if this is a fit for you and our client.

That simple and you are on your way to getting your dream job with Career Fox!

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Career Fox was an amazing help for me when looking for new experiences. They are imaginative, direct, and very sure about what they are doing. I would always go back to them if I was looking for other work.
–Mark Winter, Field Trainer Western Canada for Extreme Brandz