Career Matchmakers Who Care

Recruiting talent and matching people to the right jobs and career is an art. It takes passion and creativity. Being resourceful and finding that perfect person that has been waiting for the right opportunity to come along is a skill. It takes patience to watch as it all comes together for both job seekers and employers. When we place someone in their dream job they become a healthier, happier, and more productive person. Effecting over 40 hours of their week and 2080 hours of their year they become a better person, a better parent, a better contributor to society. GROWTH; for the employee and the company that chose them.

What greater gift to this world can we offer than that?

We are honoured to be Recruiters.

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Career Fox is a team of knowledgeable and capable pro’s. They cover everything and follow up religiously. They really do remove every phase of the process from your plate.
-Packers Plus HR Manager Canada